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Can you identify these WWII Selectees?

 We received this photo of WWII Selectees from a family member of one of the men with a request to try and identify the rest. Click on the photo to be taken to a larger version with some of the names filled in.

Below is a excerpt from the announcement article with what is believed to be the full name list.

 If you can identify any of these men, please email the man's name, photo position and any current information you know about him to info@sidneyia.net



Additional names of selectees to be sent into the armed service of our country from Fremont county in the near future were made public at the draft office by Secretary Royce Driskell this week.

They are:

Kenneth Butcher, Sidney
Noel Stattler, Bartlett
Chester H. Chaney, Riverton
Darvin Grindle, Thurman
Ralph Lyons, Sidney
Kenneth W. Engle, Farragut
Fred W. Bault, Sidney
Keith W. Watts, Tabor
Emil Glen Hill, Bartlet
Martin Connors, Randolph
Ivan Doan, Anderson
Ora Dee Buckner, Hamburg
Victor Kenneth Moyer, Payne
Millard Blezek, Randolph
Chester Jenkins, Sidney

As soon as the official list of order numbers are received at the draft office, the arranging of the names of registrants in their order will commence, and as soon thereafter as is possible questionnaires will be sent out so that the men can be classified.

The new registrants will receive what will be known as an "occupational" questionnaire. When there will be the regular questionnaire and the "occupational" one also, or whether they will be compiled in one set of questions is not known. However it is now known that complete data as to each man's qualification for work and industrial employment will be ascertained.

The American Legion served a chicken dinner to twelve selectees who left for the service yesterday. Secretary Royce Driskell and also members of the Legion were present.

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